The Raw Rant : Why is Cancer Okay?!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Let's be real with each other for a second, okay? Good. Bloggers can sometimes be fake. Yes, I'm saying it and it isn't meant to hurt anybody's feelings. Hopefully it also doesn't come as a shock either. But when you blog, it's really easy to portray your best self. After all, you are the one who's sharing your story so the internet world only sees a snapshot into bloggers life and most of the time it's from the best angles.

Today is not going to be that post. Today might be a little raw and unfiltered.

Last week I posted about Mother's Day and getting to spend it with my Mom and Grandmother. I also spent the weekend with my Dad. He was doing amazing. (You can read some back story here) I had originally wanted to post the following paragraph, but it didn't get published with the original article:

So I mentioned at the beginning that this post was going to be all about family. I wanted to share some good news about my Dad. He is officially half way through his cancer treatments. He is trying like crazy to keep his weight up so he doesn't have to have a feeding tube. He has been eating cake and milkshakes like it's nobody's business. Unfortunately, he has started to lose his taste buds and it has become a little painful to swallow. We are very happy that he has made it this far eating on his own. We can only hope the 2nd half of his treatments goes this well.

This week has been horrible. I call my parents every morning on my way to work. Monday morning, my Mom told me that my dad wasn't doing great. This throat was killing him and he could barely stand to drink water; when he would try to eat anything that tears would roll down his face. I knew I needed to go see him, but just from hearing his voice, I didn't want to see what he looked like. After quite a few crying sessions with my boss, she gave me the idea to get him a milkshake and hang out with him while he ate it. As I was getting ready to leave work, I called my house again and was surprised when my dad answered the phone (he is still trying to work and he wouldn't have normally been home at 3 in the afternoon).  He said he wasn't feeling well and he came home at 12:30 that day. Going to work is basically my dad's hobby. So for him to have left work early and to be laying in the bed in the middle of a beautiful day, I knew he wasn't feeling well. I could hardly hang up the phone quick enough before another huge burst of tears set in.

I was devastated. He's my Daddy. He's supposed to be able to walk on water and never get sick. He's the one person that could literally do anything in the world. All of my friends at work kept telling me I needed to be strong for him but if I couldn't hold it together on Monday after just talking to him on the phone how am I supposed to hold it together around him.

I went to see him Tuesday after work. He has lost a lot of weight (but he didn't look horrible). His throat was still killing him. I'm a little surprised that the doctor's haven't made him get a feeding tube yet, but they haven't. I was also very impressed with myself for not crying while I was there. I was able to hold it together when we were visiting but that doesn't mean I've held it together while I'm sitting at my desk at work or at home.

I feel so stupid for crying so much but I think it's the fact that there is literally nothing I can do to help him. I can try to bring him milkshakes or ice cream but if he can't eat it, it doesn't help that much. I can go and sit with him but that does nothing to help his pain. I know just being around helps his spirits though.

As a scientist (though my specialty isn't in cancer or even anything relating to it) and as a human being, I can't for the life of me understand why anybody would think that radiation and chemo are a great idea. I've been told multiple times that it's what saves people's life and yes, it is true. I won't argue that but in the process of saving the person's life you are nearly killing them. You are creating such an inhospitable environment that the cancer can't live, however neither can the good cells. I've also been told that they reserve chemo/radiation as a last resort. While that may be true for some types of cancer, it wasn't the case for my dad. He was given 2 options. Option 1 was surgery which would have removed a portion of his tongue and his voice box then went through chemo and radiation. Option 2 was chemo and radiation. Where was the option where these drugs weren't the first resort?

After seeing just a portion of what my dad is going through, I can't even imagine how the people who came up with chemo and radiation thought it would be a good idea to perform these procedures on patients. I guess when faced with basically a death sentence, you'll try anything. But it hurts seeing loved ones go through it and knowing you can't do anything.

Again, the scientist in me tells me there has to be a better method out there. And so I did some research (actually Texan pointed me towards this research) of natural methods of healing cancer. There are scientists and doctors who believe that cancer is nothing more than a lack of the nutrients your body needs (which Western civilizations aren't getting much of in their diet).

Think of scurvy, the sailors used to get scurvy when they were on the ships for weeks at a time. At that time, scurvy was basically a death sentence however we eventually learned that Vitamin C can cure scurvy (and prevent it if you intake enough of the vitamin). There are a few doctors that believe cancer is the same thing (but with different vitamins). There isn't a lot of research on this though because many pharmaceutical companies don't want this to get out to the public. If you could find what you needed to be cancer-free at the grocery store, big drug companies would lose a lot of money from cancer drugs and every other type of drug prescribed during treatments.

It pisses me off to know that my Daddy is going through this when it could have been prevented or even treated in a humane way. We are all so politically correct and so accepting of everybody's differences now that I have a hard time believing nobody is saying "Treating cancer this way is inhumane". Well if nobody else says it, I will. This isn't right. It's time to stop the status quo and stop lining the pockets of big pharma and start doing the right thing. It's time to start treating cancer with all of the available resources (natural or chemical).

If you've made it through my whole story and rant, I appreciate you hanging in with me. I appreciate all the support and love I've received.

Thank you!

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