The Garden is Growing

Friday, June 22, 2018

Houston - we have a garden and it's actually growing!!!

Every year I get super excited about starting our garden with baby seedling and watching them grow into huge plants that produce vegetables! But every year after about a month I forget about our poor vegetable plants and they start to droop and become overrun by weeds and grass.

In mid-spring I spent an afternoon out in the garden pulling up all the dead weeds that had grown uncontrollably last year. I was so proud of myself; I actually had that dirt looking like a garden that could actually grow veggies!

Texan and I decided to try our hand at growing lettuce. We planted the seeds and I anxiously waited to see the first baby green pop up. I went out to check the garden weekly like it was a ritual. I got so excited when I started seeing the first green leaves start to poke out of the dirt. Fast forward to 4 weeks, I came to the realization that we weren't growing lettuce at all. We had been cultivating some really healthy weeds. I was pretty sad at my apparent lack of lettuce growing knowledge. Darn you, biology degree. You let me down!

Since then we have once again cleared the garden of all the unwanted weeds and planted real plants. You know the kind you buy from Home Depot! We have three squash plants, three zucchini plants, four bell pepper plants, two cucumber vines and 2 tomato plants. Basically we have a pretty full garden but everything is growing very well.

This year instead of relying on my ability to pick weeds, we put down black garden fabric. It has been working perfectly at reducing the unwanted growth! The plants have been able to soak up the water they need through the fabric. As an extra bonus, it is easier to see when vegetables are growing and if they are ready to be picked. No more sorting through the weeds and loosing cucumbers! Here is one of our first two bell peppers!

Did I mention the garden is doing really well? Check out this cute bloom on our cucumber plants. And actually since these pictures, the plants have started growing actual veggies!   

I'm honestly relatively new to gardening. If I could go back in time and tell my 18 year old self that I would be gardening in my late 20's, I would have laughed - a lot! In my younger years I hated to have my hands dirty, but I've grown up and realized gloves help immensely! So now I actually have a dream garden! It would produce enough vegetables where I would have plenty throughout the summer and be able to share with family and friends. I would love to go out to the back yard and pick the squash and zucchini we ate for dinner that night. One day we will have a garden that fulfills all of my dreams!

Does your family grow a garden?
What vegetables do you plant?
Do you use your veggies fresh or can them? What's your favorite way to eat them?

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