Summer Update

Monday, September 17, 2018

I have had this huge urge to document the small stuff recently. So here I am, sitting at work feeling like I want to talk. I'm looking out the window waiting for the effects of Hurricane Florence to finally get to us here in central Virginia. It seems like we might see a slight breeze and some heavy rain at points but nothing life threatening.

It has been a while since I've shared anything here. I feel like a catching up post is in order.

One of the biggest changes for me is trying to get healthier. A little before Memorial Day, I had my limit of feeling "fat" and being overweight. I signed up for Noom and got to work trying to change my eating habits and exercise routine. It was hard at first and progress was fairly slow. But I had set the goal to weigh 140 pounds and wear at least a size 6 by the beginning of 2019 so I kept with it. Thus far I've lost 14 pounds and have dropped 1 pant size. Eating smaller portions (and healthier foods) is still a little tough for me. I wish I had taken proper before pictures but here is one from around when I started Noom and one from a few weekends ago at the beach. Not perfect progress pictures but the fact that I actually took pictures out on the beach is amazing.

Some other fun things that's worth sharing (picture style)

Texan and I hung out on the river/went to fireworks with friends for the 4th of July...

I celebrated my 28th birthday back in July. While I didn't get any good pictures during celebration cookout, I did go with a friend to take sunrise pictures over the river which turned out beautiful.

Texan and I have been going to the beach almost every weekend so we've been enjoying that a whole lot. I also went down for a girls weekend which was a lot of fun.

Texan and I went to our 2nd wedding together. This wedding was very interesting seeing as we were some of the only English speakers at the wedding. We sat through 4 hours of a Spanish service/wedding. It was interesting to say the least but I had fun making Texan dress up to match me.

And finally - we are preparing for our cruise next month. We are on the downward slide of time left until our bon voyage! We officially have less than 30 days left! I have been shopping like a mad woman trying to get cute sundresses (because somehow my closet was slacking in that department), plus it was an excellent excuse to go on a shopping spree. 

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