Chat in the Vineyards

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Saturday my really great friend Monica and I went up to Charlottesville to have a girls day out. The true purpose of our trip was to go see Thomas Rhett. But what fun is it to just go see a concert and come back home, especially when you’re going up to Charlottesville! So we decided to make a day of it. 

We both like sweet wine so we decided to hit up a winery. After reading a few reviews on wineries in the area, I decided we should go to Horton Vineyards. (Hello Hot Tube Wine aka the wine for “Good Times”). After a tasting Monica and I went outside to enjoy some of the wine I had just purchased.  
We wanted to walk through the vines to just experience the vineyard as a whole and truth be told get some cool pictures. Well, we walked into the vines and there were fruit flies, regular flies and any other imaginable bugs flying around. All of the grapes were going bad on the vines! We quickly got out pictures and got out. Unfortunately I only had my little tripod so we didn‘t get any cool astonishing pictures however the ones we did get had a very cool angle! 
After getting out pictures we decided to film a vlog about the vineyard and basically whatever else came up in conversation!  

I hope y’all enjoyed the video. I hope to be putting out more vlogs and other types of videos soon! 

PS, in case you were wondering, Thomas Rhett was amazing in concert! I’m not even sure that I could pick out a favorite song that he sang, though I have to say Sweetheart and Die a Happy Man are some of my overall favorite songs of his and the live versions didn’t disappoint!

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