When I first started American Honey, my goal was to become part of a community that understood me and could help support me. So I would love if you would let me help to build your community and support through advertising on American Honey!

I'm currently offering free button swaps on by sidebar. Your button will be featured for at least 30 days. I will also include social media shout outs of my favorite post from your blog, or posts of your choice.

If you think advertising with American Honey is for you, or want to advertise in another way such as guest posts or giveaways, please contact me at americanhoneyblog@gmail.com

Current Stats as of 1 December 2014

Monthly pageviews: 4,100
Blog followers: 138
Social media followers: 429

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  1. Hi Ashley-
    I'm trying to email you but for some reason it keeps bouncing. I'd be interested in sponsorship, though. Contact me please: emilielimaburke.com/contact